A different focus for a common New Year’s Resolution

A different focus for a common New Year’s Resolution

Loosing weight is one of the top New Year’s resolutions. Here’s a notable view on weight loss / gain.

A common view is

calories in
minus calories out
equal weight gain or loss




But let’s look at this differently.

Visualize an energetic flowing running stream. See one tiny pebble being lodged in the stream. Soon, many pebbles are lodged in the same spot.  When gone unnoticed or ignored, it turns into a dam. The stream will move the water differently, to accommodate the dam.

The flowing stream is your energy system. The pebbles are “stagnant energy”. This is energy that is stuck in our energetic fields. And this is what is causing us to gain weight.

So you can focus on how to work around the pebbles, or focus on removing the pebbles, which then frees up your energy system to operate more efficiently.

This doesn’t come overnight. So you may still want to work on the common view, while you adjust your focus to this new viewpoint. And in time, you will be able to focus less on what you are eating and doing, and more on how you work your energy.



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