3 Ways to check if you are buying green

3 Ways to check if you are buying green


When purchasing products, you see labels stating they are green, sustainable, non-toxic, good for environment. But are they really? How can you tell if these labels are marketing hype or true? There are a few organizations that rate products and companies. Below are 3 websites to checkout.

Beauty Products

Women use so many different kinds of beauty products, how do you know yours is safe?  An organization called Skip Deep provides information related to your products. They rate sunscreens, cosmetics, shampoos and more. If you can’t find your product, just add it online, and they will get the ratings. They provide 2 ratings, one for hazards and one for how available the data is.


Organic Produce

Ever wonder exactly what the farmer is doing with his produce? Where there is a site that relates all the information about the farmer, it’s called Nature and More. There is one US farmer on this site growing sweet potatoes in North Carolina, most of them are in other countries. I love the synopsis they provide about the farmers. Makes it more like they are your neighbors. You enter the 3 digit code on your produce and it tells you what farm the produce came from.

Household Products

Are your cleaning solutions really green? Are your appliances really green, and not just Energy Star rated. Energy star provides just one kind of rating, it does not look at the manufacturing, disposal, and toxic levels of products. Good Guide is an organization that provides ratings on health, environment, and society. They will provide top and bottom rated products based on category.


So while I applaud companies providing ratings on products, it is still up to the consumer to understand what those ratings really mean. Conscious decision making still requires your own research. There has been much done in the way of consciousness of sustainable and green living, but we have a long way to go.

Do your share and visit these rating organizations and support them in their efforts.



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