3 Meaningful Gifts for Her

3 Meaningful Gifts for Her

You want your gift to be meaningful to her. You want her to know how much you care for her. And you want her to think it’s awesome!

She is providing you the answers in every conversation that you have with her. Really?Yes really!

Just think back to recent conversations you had with her. What emotion was she expressing? What was behind the words? What were her eyes telling you?  You may actually wish you could hear what she is thinking, just like Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want”. Yet you can figure this out by paying attention.

Need some Ideas? Here are 3 ideas


She wants to spend more time with you

She has express that she wants you home for dinner. She wants to have more romantic time with you. She wants time to just relax in your arms.

She’s feeling stressed

about what? her job, money issues, family, any number of things

She’s not sure she can achieve her dreams

she’s worried that her dreams are just dreams.

She talks about new ventures and you can hear the fear

So how do you hit a home run?

Catered Dinner

there are plenty of companies that will prepare a meal, set up your dinner table, or just do a drop off or pickup.

Luxury Bath Experience

Go all out! Candles, flowers, mood music, bubbles, bath crystals, and even flower petals. And don’t forget the wine!

Inspirational Picture

When she looks at this picture, she will be inspired that she can achieve her dreams. This shows you have faith that she can accomplish anything that she sets her mind to. And you support her in her endeavors.Meaningful Gifts For Her



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