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Goddess Freya


Freya is the Mother Goddess in Norse mythology. She is the sister of Frey. Freya and Frigg are the most important Norse goddesses. A Goddess of the Sun, she is renowned for her beauty, sexuality and strength as a warrior. Freya’s  inner power and self knowledge were legendary. She wears a necklace of amber called […]

In Remembrance of 9-11


9-11 will be forever remembered by all on this Earth, but especially by Americans. Many vigils are set for this day. If you want to make the shift to love and unity, then make a pledge to send love on 9/11. Visit this site to make the pledge. You can also join the Earthdance Peach […]

Eagle Spirit


Eagles are known for spirit, courage, shapeshifting, and freedom. They represent knowledge from above, a messenger carrying our prayers and gifts to the Creator. In ancient Greece, Zeus was identified with the eagle. In Gaelic lore, the eagle is associated with the sun. America adopted the bald eagle on their great seal. The eagle is […]

Versatile Blogger Award


Thanks to Ali Bierman for honoring me  with this  award. Her site is How to have amazing relationships and change your life Thanks to Susan Maricle for also honoring me with this award. Her site is Poultry and Prose, Stories from a free-range writer on a five-acre idea farm. One accepting this award is asked […]