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Mature relationship


So what is a mature relationship? How do you know you have one and that you are one of the mature partners? I came across this version and couldn’t say it any better. “In fact a mature person does not fall in love, he rises in love. The word ’fall’ is not right. Only immature […]

Challenge yourself to a new habit


Do you need a challenge to motivate yourself, or move to the next level? Build a habit in 21 days. Motivation is defined as something that causes a person to act.   There are circumstances where external motivation is required and other times internal motivation. External persists as long as the external motivator exists and you […]

Goddess Rhiannon


   Rhiannon is the Welsh goddess and the patroness of Justice. Rhiannon rides a white mare faster than any man can catch her, she was falsely accused of killing her son. Her powers of fertility, movement and leadership enhance the universal laws of Justice, bringing balance and truth to the situation. She is the protectress […]