Archive | July, 2011

Inner Wisdom


Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is?  The simple answer is inner wisdom.  However, not many people understand what that entails.  Finding and relying on your inner wisdom is important in all aspects of life.   “Ever had a feeling that came from beyond the mind?  Ever found that sometimes words are […]

Are you challenging yourself?


Do you challenge yourself to do your best or have you become complacent to do the minimum? The only measure is yourself and not others.  The feeling and strength that comes from mastering the challenge is hard to explain, it needs to be experienced. Remember back to a time when you finally achieved something you […]

Giving Back with toilets?


I love hearing about stories where people give back. It’s such a powerful feeling. Abundance in the making. The more you give, the more you give back. If you are looking for abundance in your life, start by giving more . I saw this article about Bill Gates reinventing toilets for those without. Toilets that […]