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Elegant Backyard Weddings


When it comes to weddings, pretentious is out. Brides and grooms today are realizing that nothing beats the warmth and charm of an informal wedding full of personal touches. In fact, many couples are opting to skip the fancy reception venue in favor of hosting a wedding in their own backyard. These are some wonderful […]

Dream Catcher


Dreams has been discussed throughout the centuries.  There are times we feel like we are awake in our dreams. There are other times we wake up and feel like we’ve been fighting for our lives in our dreams. Dream catchers is a tradition with the Native Americans.  The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect […]

Father’s Day


  Happy Father’s Day. As I watch my sons who have transformed into fathers, I see how they’ve grown into loving men. They each have their own and different way of fatherhood, but both are geared towards teaching their children what is important. For those who have lost their Dad, today can be a challenge. […]