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Tell us your favorite scent


What is your favorite scent? Lavender is well known for relaxation. Frankincense is elevating to the mind. Ginger is soothing. Eucalyptus cools emotions Lemongrass is balancing Rose is romantic and balancing Vanilla is aphrodisiac and anti-depressant more expansive list of scents Essential Oils and candles are easy ways to bring a scent into my space. Essential oils […]

Welcome Virgos


This is the time of Virgo.   Virgo Symbolism Ruling Planet: Mercury Element: Earth Symbol: The Virgin Flowers: Cat’s Ear, Acorns Colors: Navy Blue, Dark Green, Brown Gemstone: Sardonyx Traits: Intelligent, Modest, Meticulous All traits can be taken to an extreme. Meticulous can become perfectionistic and overcritical.  So recognize the trait and bring things back […]