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  • How to Take Charge of Your Freedom

    Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life.   Are you tired of feeling stuck? Are you tired of peeling the same onion over and over again?   A Roadmap will help. You provide where you want to go and why you want to go there. We help you by providing the tools and […]

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  • Remembering St Nicholas

       St. Nicholas was the European Santa Claus to me. The excitement started on the Eve of St. Nicholas, December 5th. I waited until right before sleep. I made sure my slippers were clean and I used the biggest slippers I could find. (sometimes I used my boots). Why? Because I wanted as much as […]

  • Struggling thru the holidays

    I love the holidays and yet there are times when I’m struggling. Issues you have been avoiding seem to pop up during the festivities. It’s a way for your spirit to advise that you still have things to work on. Are you struggling with finding a way through these struggles? Are you frustrated and desperate, […]

  • Stocking Stuffers